Car wash

A shiny car in 5 minutes in our drive-through car wash

Tired of queuing or having a stressful day? No worries, in our drive-through car wash you get a shiny clean car in just 5 minutes! Download the Pesutili app on your mobile phone, and sign up for a wash subscription so you’ll always have a clean car! You can also purchase a wash at the checkout counter at our station.

Download the Pesutili app from the Apple Store here
Download the Pesutili app from the Google Play here

Benefits of the drive-through car wash

  1. In the drive-through car wash, there is never more than two minutes of waiting time. You avoid the queues and save time.
  2. Wash your car as often as you want at a favourable fixed monthly price or buy a one-time wash with the app.
  3. The camera recognises the registration number of your car, you only need to select the washing program and swipe, and the door opens and the washing starts automatically!
  4. If you wash your car regularly, the value of the car is preserved, the wash removes dirt, salt and chemicals that wear on the car and the paint retains its original shine.

We have favourable wash subscriptions for both individuals and companies.

Do you not have a smart phone?

Come to our station and we will register you, the wash will recognise you when you arrive and open automatically, the cost will be debited to your credit card, and you will receive a receipt by e-mail, easy! Of course, you can also use our traditional car wash in the same way.